All submitted papers to be subjected to a triple-blind review

NM-AIST entrance in Arusha, Tanzania

List of international reviewers

The submitted papers will be reviewed by international experts from East Africa and the African Continent in general, from Germany and beyond.

  • Prof. Kisangiri Michael, NM-AIST
  • Prof. Shubi Kaijage, NM-AIST
  • Dr. Anael Sam, NM-AIST
  • Dr. Mussa Ally, NM-AIST
  • Dr. Devotha Nyambo
  • Dr. Joseph Matiko, DIT
  • Dr. Cleverence Kombe, University of Botswana
  • Dr. Shaban Habibu, Muni University
  • Dr. Noe Elisa, University of Dodoma
  • Dr. Ally Nymawe, University of Dodoma
  • Dr. Basikolo Thomas, ITU
  • Dr. Idy Diop, Ecole Supérieurs Polytechnique (ESP), Senegal
  • Dr. Denis Pastory, Technology Consultant
  • Dr. Charles Tarimo, University of Dar es Salaam
  • Dr. Mohamed Mjahid, University of Dodoma
  • Mr. Sanket Pandhare, NM-AIST
  • Dr. Zeeshan Khan, NM-AIST
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mkoba, NM-AIST
  • Dr. Edith Talina Luhanga, NM-AIST
  • Dr. Jahbera Matogoro, NM-AIST
  • Jema Ndibwile, NM-AIST
  • Godfrey Justo, University of Dar es Salaam